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Which is better thermal grease or thermal pad


The purpose of using thermal grease and thermal pads in electronic products is to cool down and dissipate the heat generated by electronic products during the working process, and maintain the normal working temperature of electronic products. So in the end is thermal grease good performance? Or is the performance of thermal pads better? The following aspects are analyzed and explained for your reference.


1. Operational aspects

Thermal grease belongs to paste or liquid form, and thermal pad belongs to solid state. Therefore, in terms of shape and operability, thermal pad is simpler and easier to operate than thermal grease, because thermal grease is in use during use. It needs to be stirred evenly first, and the smearing should be as uniform as possible and the thickness should be properly controlled. There are certain requirements for operators and equipment, and the thermal pad only needs to choose the appropriate thickness and directly fit it.


2. In terms of stability

In terms of stability in use, thermal grease is superior to thermal pads because thermal pads are damaged during use, do not fit properly, or have uneven interfaces, which will greatly reduce the thermal stability of electronic products, not to mention When two planes are in contact, it is impossible to fit 100%, and there will be some gaps. However, because the thermal grease is in a liquid state, it fills the plane interface, and then it is easy to be in complete contact with the heat dissipation interface, so that the plane gap disappears, so the thermal grease dissipates heat. The application is relatively stable.


3. Thermal conductivity

Thermal grease and thermal pad have good heat dissipation effect in terms of thermal conductivity. It is not possible to unilaterally judge the thermal conductivity of thermal grease and thermal pad. Their thermal conductivity is based on the requirements of formula technology. The common ones are between 1-5W/m·k, and even more than 5W/m·k, so electronic products choose heat-dissipating adhesive products, thermally conductive silicone grease and thermally conductive gaskets, and they need to be combined with their own products. According to the requirements of structure, personnel operation, etc., it is necessary to choose whether it is appropriate to use thermal conductive silicone grease or thermal pad.


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