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Cause and influence of potting glue settling


Potting glue potting electronic components is to pour two-component liquid glue into electronic products equipped with electronic components and circuits by equipment or manual methods and then solidify into thermosetting polymer insulating materials with excellent performance under normal temperature or heating conditions. In the process of using the potting glue, there are often problems of settlement. Many people do not know the reason, so it is difficult to find a solution to the problem. I will explain the reasons and effects of the settlement of the potting glue.


In fact, the sedimentation of the potting glue is similar to the phenomenon of the layering of the potting glue and the agglomeration of the potting glue. The delamination of potting glue is mainly reflected in the storage process, which is caused by some material properties in its composition. The longer the storage time, the more obvious the delamination, and the main method to solve it is to fully stir. The agglomeration of the potting glue is mainly due to insufficient uniform dispersion during the stirring process, resulting in agglomeration in the glue solution, which is more likely to settle.


First of all, the composition of the potting glue is mainly composed of silicone oil, powder, additives, etc.; the settlement is caused by the difference in the density of these materials. As time goes by, the density begins to sink. This is the reason why the upper layer is transparent oil and the lower layer is powder when we open the cover of the potting rubber bucket. Especially after storage at high temperature, the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of silicone oil, the faster the speed of powder sinking, the shorter the settlement time, so the storage temperature is also one of the reasons for the deposition of potting glue.


What are the effects of the two-component potting compound after it settles? If the two components are fully stirred before use, and then mixed for use, the performance will not be affected, but if they are not stirred evenly, the density of the individual components will be different, resulting in a difference in weighing, and the performance after curing will be different from the normal performance. There will be deviations of different sizes, and the more it is used later, the greater the viscosity, which not only has a great impact on performance, but also has a great impact on operability, so the two-component potting glue needs to be fully stirred before use. evenly.

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