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What are the factors of bubble formation after potting adhesive curing? How to eliminate potting gum bubbles?


The cause of the bubbles

Reason 1: The bubble is brought into the process of glue mixing and glue filling. The wrong stirring method in the process of glue mixing is easy to bring the air into the glue liquid. If the viscosity of electronic potting glue is large, the bubble will be difficult to eliminate. The improper filling process is also easy to bring air into the glue liquid.

Reason 2: Bubbles produced in the curing process; Too fast curing speed, high heat release temperature, glue curing shrinkage rate, electronic sealing glue in the solvent, plasticizer add too much are easy to produce bubbles in the curing process.

Reason 3: There is oil on the surface of the potting compound, and there is a layering phenomenon before use. It should be fully stirred during use.

The above three situations will affect the appearance of the potting glue and will affect the smoothness and gloss of the potting glue surface.


Methods to eliminate air bubbles

1. Potting with a professional electronic glue filling machine. The professional electronic glue filling machine has both mixed glue filling and vacuum glue filling device, which is convenient and fast, suitable for large-scale production, and requires enterprises with certain strength.

2. Before adjusting the glue, heat the glue at 25-30°C, and then mix the electronic potting glue in proportion. When mixing glue, stir clockwise, the speed is uniform, not fast and slow. When pouring glue, the speed should be uniform, otherwise it is easy to generate air bubbles.

3. Use low-viscosity electronic potting glue, because low-viscosity silica gel is easier to discharge air bubbles.


It is recommended to choose high-quality products, because high-end products have high elasticity, high toughness, high tensile force, high adhesion and adhesion, etc., and the products after potting can withstand various In outdoor environmental tests, it can maintain good and stable performance for 2 years or longer, and the change in the shrinkage rate of the glue is very small. At the same time, the high-end has special requirements in terms of performance, that is, it has additional matte, thermal conductivity, and flame retardant properties.

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