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Why does the electronic potting glue not cure? What are internal and external causes?


What is the internal cause of electronic potting glue not curing?

When the adhesive is bonded to various materials, it may be affected by the amount of residual solvent, which will directly affect the bonding strength. When too much solvent remains, the cohesive force will become smaller and the cohesive strength will become lower and lower. The affinity of the adhesive keeps increasing, and the bonding strength is improved in the continuous volatilization of the solvent. It's just that the two won't have any affinity, so they can't be cured.

What is the external cause of the electronic potting glue not curing?

1.The material is not stirred evenly before operation, or the material does not appear to be broken during storage.

2.After opening the package, it was not used up at one time, but it was not sealed immediately. Problems occur when the electronic potting compound absorbs moisture, and it is normal that it does not cure. Cooperate with powerful suppliers to be more assured, such as TENSAN, which focuses on electronic potting glue research and provides customized electronic potting glue application solutions, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics , automotive, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

3.Ambient temperature changes, affecting cure speed.

4.If the bubbles on the surface of the cured product are not properly treated, resulting in more and more bubbles, the curing will naturally fail.

5.Affected by temperature and UV light, it not only affects the curing speed and effect, but also changes the color.

6.The change of curing temperature may prevent the electronic potting compound from curing smoothly.

7.Not operating in accordance with the normal method, the characteristics of the electronic potting glue have not been fully exerted.

Due to internal factors and various external factors, the curing speed and effect of electronic potting glue are seriously affected. Now that we understand the reasons for non-curing, should we pay more attention so that the adhesive can be cured normally?

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