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What is LED thermal grease? How to properly apply thermal grease?


Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many kinds of lighting tools with energy-saving and environmental protection functions have appeared on the market, among which LED lamps are a very common electronic product. Then, due to the long-term and extensive use of LED lamps, the life of the circuit board will inevitably be reduced. How to ensure the service life of the circuit board? LED thermal grease came into being.

What is LED thermal grease?

First of all, we need to understand what is thermal grease. The so-called thermal grease is a paste-like substance with heat dissipation properties. The main component of this thermal paste is silicone copper, and some other materials with strong thermal conductivity are also added. The silicone grease-like compound made of these materials with excellent thermal conductivity is thermally conductive silicone grease. LED thermal grease is the thermal grease used in some LED products to ensure the heat dissipation of circuit boards in LED products.

How to apply thermal grease correctly?

In the face of various and complicated LED thermal greases on the market, when people make choices, they first need to clarify their scope of use and purpose, and do not be blind. For example: TENSAN, not only can focus on new foaming agent research, but also provide customized new foaming agent application solutions, which are widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies , high-speed rail and other industries.

After choosing the thermal grease, how to apply the thermal grease correctly?

When people use thermal grease, they need to understand a premise, that is, when thermal grease is used, it does not need a big lump. Because the more concentrated thermal grease will reduce its performance and affect the use effect. Therefore, when using thermal grease, it is necessary to spread the thermal grease evenly to avoid aggregation.

Therefore, when applying thermal grease evenly, it is recommended to start from the middle of the electronic components. Place a small amount of thermal grease in the middle of the electronic components, and then spread it evenly around, the thinner the better, to ensure the heat dissipation effect.



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