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What is the effect of high-power led thermal grease? Is it of high use value?


There are many types of LED lights. High-power LED lights can be used in automobiles, living rooms, lighting and other fields. Compared with ordinary LED lights, the brightness and power are higher. However, this type of LED lamp has a disadvantage. If the heat dissipation performance is not handled well, it is easy to cause the heat energy not to be dissipated in time during the use phase, thereby burning the lamp beads. The use of high-power led thermal grease can avoid this situation.

What is the effect of high-power led thermal grease?

For high-power LED thermal grease, the type of thermal grease can be selected according to the rated current of the LED. After use, it can achieve good thixotropy and high thermal conductivity, and can transmit the heat energy emitted by the high-power LED lamp in time. At the same time, this thermal grease also has high and low temperature resistance, expanding the field of use, whether it is used outdoors or indoors.

Is high-power led thermal grease high in use value?

The use of this thermal grease can improve the overall operation effect of the equipment, and it is not easy to burn easily after many years of use. At the same time, this thermal grease also has good electrical insulation, which can not only ensure the timely transfer of heat energy, but also strengthen the insulation and comprehensively improve the use value.

High power led lamp manufacturing stage on the heat sink requirements are high, must achieve good sealing performance in order to facilitate the transfer of heat, the middle of the fine gaps can be filled using high power led thermal conductive silicone grease, as long as the full isolation of air can occur convection, to achieve the expected heat dissipation effect.

When buying high power led thermal grease, you need to pay attention to the fact that in order to protect the performance of thermal grease, you can work with big brands, for example: TENSAN, not only can focus on the research of high power led thermal grease, but also can provide customized high power led thermal grease application solutions, which can be widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instruments, power supply, high speed rail and other industry fields.

There are many brands and models of high power led thermal conductive silicone grease. When buying, understand the oil separation rate, only products with low oil separation can be used, such thermal conductive silicone grease is not easy to pollute the surrounding substrate during the use phase of the separated silicone oil, and it is not easy to corrode the substrate after years of use.

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