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What are the obvious characteristics of poor quality potting glue? Is it risky to use?


Potting glue in the adhesive industry and even the electrical manufacturing industry occupies an important position, potting glue variety, different types have different areas of use, the user according to the actual operation needs to buy the right product, no matter which kind of glue have a use, can be valued.

What is the performance of the potting glue?

The potting glue has outstanding performance. After curing, the colloid can play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof and chemical intrusion. Good quality potting compound also has temperature resistance and insulation properties, and it is safer to use in automobiles, electrical appliances, and electronic instruments.

What are the obvious characteristics of poor quality potting glue?

1. Poor quality potting glue cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection level. Due to the low raw materials and low price, it has a price advantage in the market and is more likely to be favored by consumers.

2. The poor quality potting glue has poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance after curing. Even if it has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, the air permeability is poor, and the components in the glue are not conducive to heat dissipation after a period of use, and are easy to burn.

3. The insulation index of poor quality potting glue is not guaranteed, and it may have insulation performance, but it is not as high as the insulation index of big brands. Big brands can not only focus on the research of potting glue, but also provide customized solutions for the application of potting glue. and other industries. This type of glue has high insulation performance and good compressive performance, and is suitable for wide use.

4. Poor quality potting glue has poor aging resistance. After using for a period of time or a few years, the glue will age rapidly, and various properties will decline accordingly. It is necessary to replace the potting glue to continue to protect the electrical components.

5. Poor quality potting has strong shrinkage, and cold and heat will affect the potting properties of the glue, and even thermal expansion and contraction will occur, and the use value is not high.

There is a lot of difference between high-quality potting glue and low-quality potting glue. It is necessary for users to buy high-brand products when purchasing. Such products have unchanged performance for many years, and comprehensively improve the service life and safety index of electrical appliances.

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