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What is the use value of sealant? Why is it widely used?


Sealants are generally used in the electronics and electrical manufacturing industries. Sealants are classified according to vulcanization methods and can be divided into wet air vulcanization sealants and thermal transformation sealants. If divided according to shape, it can be divided into paste sealant and hot melt sealant. If it is divided according to the construction method, it can be divided into curing sealant and non-curing sealant.

What is the use value of sealant?

The birth of sealant has changed the electrical and electronic manufacturing industries. As long as it is used reasonably, it will show a variety of excellent properties, effectively improving the stability and service life of electrical appliances. During operation, the shape can be changed according to the shape of the sealing surface. After curing, the electrical components are fully protected. During the construction process, the glue is not easy to flow, and the gap is fully filled. After curing, it is effective in waterproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation, and heat insulation.

The excellent viscosity of the sealant after curing can also be used for bonding and fixing, such as: bonding and fixing of electrical components, bonding and sealing of electrical shells can be used. After the sealant is cured, the elasticity requirements are relatively high, which can meet the shockproof requirements of electrical appliances.

Why are sealants widely used?

1. The reason why the sealant is widely used is that it has a good sealing effect after curing. It is breathable and watertight in the sealed state, especially the gap of the substrate can be sealed.

2. After the sealant is cured, there is no damage to the metal and no corrosion. Good quality can meet the requirements of environmental protection level. This kind of glue is relatively safe to use in household appliances, and will not release volatiles and affect human health.

There are many types of sealants, which are used in a wide range of fields. Different types of sealants have different fields of use, and the hardness of the glue varies. Users need to buy them according to their needs. If you have special requirements, you can contact the manufacturer to develop and customize. Good suppliers can not only focus on the research of sealant, but also provide customized sealant application solutions, which are widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

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