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How to choose silicone encapsulant? What to pay attention to?


The silicone encapsulant is soft after curing and can meet the needs of various uses. Although the colloid is soft after curing, it will not affect the waterproof, moisture-proof and insulating properties at all. There are many types of silicone encapsulants. How to choose from many products?

The selection method of silicone potting compound is as follows:

1. Choose according to the products requirements for light refraction. If the light refraction degree of the potting glue is higher after curing, you can choose a transparent potting glue. After curing, the colloid is transparent and bright. If the requirements for light refraction are not high, as long as the basic potting performance is met, you can choose black potting glue, which is cheaper than transparent potting glue.

2. According to the selection of the potting substrate, if it is only a very small area of potting, which is mainly used for bonding and fixing electronic components, a single-component silicone potting compound can be selected. If the potting work is the entire electronic component, you need to choose a two-component silicone potting compound.

3. If silicone potting glue is potted into electronic components, it has higher requirements on temperature. At this time, choose high and low temperature resistant products, such as TENSAN, focus on the research of potting glue, and provide customized potting glue application solutions The solution has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries. After all, ordinary potting compounds have poor high and low temperature resistance.

What to pay attention to when choosing silicone encapsulant:

1. The price advantage cannot be the primary choice. There are many brands of silicone potting adhesives, and the prices are different. In the purchase stage, you cannot buy with the advantage of low prices. Such products need to be tested and qualified before they can be purchased in large quantities.

2. The price of the same brand of silicone potting glue is different. Users need to consider the nature of the object to be bonded when purchasing, so that they can buy a suitable adhesive.

Silicone encapsulants can be used in various fields to exert different performances. In the selection and purchase stage, you need to pay attention to the above items, and operate in the correct way to exert the various properties of silicone encapsulants.

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