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How about the adhesive properties of silicone? Compared with other types of adhesive glue, what are the obvious characteristics?


One-component silicone sealant has a great importance in the market. Manufacturers in many fields will buy and use it. The reason why it is so popular is that it is easy to construct and can meet various needs of users after curing. In particular, the measurement design is more user-friendly, and there are various  measurement packaging to reduce waste.

Because the one-component silicone is vulcanized by air moisture, if the one-time use amount is not a lot, you can buy a small amount of products. If you buy a high-dose product, the rest is not well sealed and is prone to curing.


Silicone packaging can meet the needs of various users, so how about the bonding performance?

The adhesive performance of silicone is also very good, which can meet the needs of various users. Because silicone can be used not only for bonding electronic components, but also for bonding and fixing circuit boards. Some metal shells can also be used. In addition, it can also be used for bonding and fixing toys. The field of use can be said to be Very large, with almost no big restrictions.


Why is the field of silicone bonding so wide?

Because silicone is an insulating material, even if it is used in circuit boards and electronic components, there will be no connection or leakage of electricity. Moreover, the colloid is not corrosive to metal, and after curing, it is an elastic colloid without any toxicity, which expands the wide application field of organic silica gel.


What are the obvious characteristics of silicone silicone compared with other types of adhesives?

1. The performance of organic silica gel is environmentally friendly. At the time of purchase, as long as you buy products from big brands, you can ensure safe and reliable performance, which can be used in both household appliances and industrial appliances, which is unmatched by other types.

2. The organic silica gel has temperature resistance after curing. Adhesives with temperature resistance can be used in various fields without any problems or degumming even at high temperatures. It should be noted that not all products have temperature resistance. At present, only big brand products can achieve it, so users try to buy big brand products when purchasing, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of silicone and provides customized products. chemical solutions for silicone applications.


The relevant content about the silicone is the above. The silicone is cured from the surface to the inside when it is cured, and the best effect can be achieved after 7 days of curing.

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