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What is thermal grease? Can it be replaced by silicone sealant?


Thermal grease is often used in electrical or electronic manufacturing, because the main performance after use is thermal conductivity, and the construction requirements are extremely strict. If the thickness required for construction is not met, it will not have any thermal conductivity. At this time, many users think that silicone sealant also has thermal conductivity. Can it replace thermal grease?

Interpretation of thermal grease:

Thermal grease is a thermally conductive material in a paste state. This material is in a paste state before and after use, and will not dry out due to long use time or high temperature. The main raw material is organosilicone, which is made by adding some heat-resistant materials. It is used in electrical or electronic products to form a thermally conductive and non-conductive material.

Thermal grease must be used in the middle of the heating element of the electrical appliance and the heat dissipation facility to play its role. Because it is in the state of paste, it is attached to the surface of the substrate and has no adhesive properties. It can be wiped clean with a paper towel. The next step of construction can be carried out by applying it on the surface of the substrate without waiting.

Interpretation of silicone sealant:

Silicone sealant is a one-component adhesive. It is in a paste state before it is not used. It takes a certain time to cure after construction. After curing, it has the effect of bonding and heat conduction. It is usually used in the bonding and fixing of electrical components. It plays the role of transferring heat energy, but it cannot replace thermal grease. The application field is very different from thermal grease.

Thermal grease and silicone sealant belong to two different materials, which cannot be confused, let alone used interchangeably. If the silicone sealant is used in the middle of the CPU or electrical heater and the radiator, it will directly affect the heat dissipation after curing, and even bond the electronic components, which will affect the next construction.

Users need to pay attention when purchasing any type of adhesive. If they do not understand, they can consult professionals. Only after a comprehensive understanding can they buy in large quantities. In order to prevent the purchase of poor quality products, they can cooperate with brand companies to use More assured, such as TENSAN, focusing on the research of thermal grease, providing customized thermal grease application solutions, widely used, can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

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