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How to choose thermal grease? What does thermal grease do?


When they hear "thermal grease", many people can't help but feel confused and don't know what thermal grease is. But in fact, thermal grease is a very common item in people's daily life. So, what exactly is thermal grease? What does thermal grease do? How should we choose thermal grease?

What is thermal grease?

Thermal grease is commonly known as thermal paste. It needs to be operated by professionals and stirred evenly, and then the thermal grease can be evenly applied to the surface to be coated. It can be smoothed with a scraper or a brush, so that it is easy to control the thickness and edge. The thermal grease on the part needs to be wiped clean with a lint-free cloth.

The role of thermal grease

1. The biggest performance of thermal grease is to apply it on the contact surface between the heating element of the electrical appliance and the heat dissipation facility, which can play a role in the heat dissipation of the electrical appliance and prevent the electrical appliance from being damaged due to excessive local temperature. In this way, the temperature of the heating element will be kept at a constant temperature even after the electrical appliance works for a long time, because the excess heat can be dissipated.


2. The thermal conductive silicone grease is applied between the heating element of the electrical appliance and the cooling facilities, and has the properties of dustproof and anti-corrosion, which further protects the electrical components.

How to choose thermal grease?

1. There are many different types and specifications of thermal grease on the market. When purchasing thermal grease, you should pay attention to the quality of the product, try to choose some reliable merchants, quality assurance, and various types of products are widely used and can be applied to New energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

2. High-quality thermal grease has insulating properties. It can dissipate heat and strengthen the insulating performance, which can ensure the safety of electrical appliances and improve the use time.

3. The thermal conductivity of thermal grease needs to be determined according to the model of the product. It is not that the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the product. It needs to be determined according to the heating element and heat dissipation facilities. The thermal conductivity of good-quality thermal grease is diversified and can meet the various needs of customers.

Thermal grease is very common in electronic components, and many electronic components rely on thermal grease to dissipate heat to achieve the effect of heat dissipation. However, good and bad heat dissipation silicone grease varies. When making a choice, consumers should pay attention to the brand and manufacturer of heat dissipation silicone grease to help them choose good heat dissipation silicone grease.

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