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What are the properties of silicone sealants? Is there weather resistance? How to buy?


Unlike other adhesives, silicone sealant is not a very fluid glue, but a creamy colloid. Curing is completed after contact with air, similar to solid rubber. Full flexibility for sealing and filling.

What are the characteristics of silicone sealant?

Some users believe that silicone sealants have good elasticity and do not necessarily have strong compression resistance. This is a misunderstanding of it. In fact, the compressive strength of silicone sealant is very good, it can withstand the impact and pressure of external forces, and it will not easily break.

Good anti-aging properties. Can work indoors or withstand harsh outdoor conditions. After being eroded by factors such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain, etc., it will not be harmed, and will not affect the service life. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, more assured, such as TENSAN, focus on silicone sealant research, provide customized silicone sealant application solutions, widely used, can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics , automotive, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

Good adhesion. During the bonding process, there is no fuss about the bonding object. It can be bonded with metal or with other materials. After being tightly bonded together, filling and protection are completed.

How is the weather resistance of silicone sealants?

The weather resistance of the silicone sealant is very good, relying on the elastic adhesive layer to resist the influence of various factors. It can not only work in high temperature, but also withstand severe cold without affecting the service life.

How to choose?

Before buying, learn about each brand. The products of big brands have quality assurance and provide good after-sales service. Under the guidance of professionals, find adhesive application solutions and save cost and time. In addition, the price of adhesives should be paid attention to, and products with good quality at affordable prices should be selected.


When choosing a silicone sealant, measure it from many aspects. Don't buy it when you think the price is cheap, you may pay a corresponding price for an impulsive decision. Take into consideration, choose products with higher cost performance.

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