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What are the advantages of epoxy adhesive?


Epoxy adhesive is a one-component, thixotropic flexible heat-curing epoxy adhesive. Good flexibility, reducing and absorbing stress. Heat curing, good adhesion to glass, steel, copper, aluminum and FRP. It is suitable for fixing and bonding of various electronic components. It is very suitable for heat-sensitive materials such as backlight modules, camera modules, vehicle modules, and fingerprint recognition modules, as well as metals, ceramics, plastics, VCM motors and other materials. good adhesive properties.

Epoxy adhesive has the following advantages:

1. Epoxy resin adhesive contains a variety of polar groups and highly active epoxy groups, so it is compatible with various polar materials such as metal, glass, cement, wood, plastic, etc., especially materials with high surface activity. Strong adhesive force, and the cohesive strength of the epoxy cured product is also very large, so its bonding strength is very high.

2. There is basically no low-molecular-weight volatiles produced when the epoxy resin adhesive is cured. The volume shrinkage of the adhesive layer is small, about 1% to 2%, which is one of the varieties with the smallest curing shrinkage in thermosetting resins. After adding filler, it can be reduced to less than 0.2%. The coefficient of linear expansion of epoxy cured products is also very small. Therefore, the internal stress is small, and the influence on the bonding strength is small. In addition, the creep of the epoxy cured product is small, so the dimensional stability of the adhesive layer is good.

3. There are many varieties of epoxy resin, curing agent and modifier. Through reasonable and ingenious formula design, the epoxy resin adhesive can have the required manufacturability (such as rapid curing, room temperature curing, low temperature curing, water curing, etc.). Curing, low viscosity, high viscosity, etc.), and has the required performance (such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high strength, high flexibility, aging resistance, electrical conductivity, magnetic conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc.).

4. It has good compatibility and reactivity with various organic substances (monomers, resins, rubbers) and inorganic substances (such as fillers, etc.), and is easy to modify by copolymerization, crosslinking, blending, filling, etc. performance of the adhesive layer.

5. Good corrosion resistance and dielectric properties. It can resist the corrosion of various media such as acid, alkali, salt, solvent, etc. The volume resistivity is 1013-1016Ω?cm, and the dielectric strength is 16-35kV/mm.

6. The general-purpose epoxy resin, curing agent and additives have many origins, large output, simple preparation, contact pressure molding, and large-scale application.

Epoxy adhesive is suitable for fixing and bonding of various electronic components. All materials have good adhesive properties.

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