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Why is epoxy glue called "universal glue"?


Epoxy resin glue is mainly composed of epoxy resin and curing agent. Sometimes in order to improve certain properties and achieve certain effects, diluents, coupling agents, and accelerators are added. There are many types of epoxy resin glue, different types of formula raw materials are different, and the performance they exert is very different.

Why is epoxy resin called "universal glue"?

1. Because this is an adhesive with very good bonding performance and good corrosion resistance, and it also has the characteristics of high electrical insulation performance and mechanical strength. It can be used for bonding metal and metal, or metal and non-metallic adhesive. Bonding of metal substances can achieve good bonding performance.

2. Epoxy resin glue is harmless to the human body, it is a non-toxic adhesive, and it can withstand high temperature up to 280 degrees and low temperature -196 degrees. It has good electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, magnetic conductivity and thermal conductivity.

What are the characteristics of epoxy resin glue?

1. Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue with strong general performance and a good filling effect for large gaps.

2. There are no restrictions on the operating environment. It can be cured at room temperature, indoors or outdoors. There is no special requirement for the operating site, and it can be operated manually or mechanically.

3. It has good waterproof, oil resistance, strong acid and strong alkali resistance, and can be used in a variety of natural disasters, and has a wide range of use environments.

4. The higher the temperature of the epoxy resin glue operation site, the faster the curing, so the more the mixture prepared at one time, the faster the curing, and there will be heat during curing.

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