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What are the properties of silicone potting adhesives?


The main purpose of using potting adhesives is to protect the electronic components, and after curing, they can form a protective film to enclose the electrical components. But because there are more types of potting adhesives, users often don't know which one to buy when they buy.

Types of potting adhesives.

There are still very many types of potting adhesives, and users can buy them according to the performance they need to achieve when buying the product. There are three main types of potting adhesives: epoxy resin potting adhesive, silicone potting adhesive and polyurethane potting adhesive.

What is the use of silicone potting glue?

Silicone potting adhesive can be used in many places, such as electronic, electrical components of the potting, but also in the circuit board and power supply potting, potting the effect of waterproof performance is more outstanding. And the current brand of products for a variety of performance is more secure, the use of more at ease.

What are the characteristics of silicone potting adhesives?

Silicone potting adhesives are available in a variety of colours and can be made in black or transparent colours. Transparent coloured silicone potting adhesives are better for use in cameras and LED lights, as they do not affect light transmission and refraction.

Although black potting adhesives can also be used in cameras and LED lamps, the light transmission and refraction of light is somewhat worse. For this kind of LED lights which are not so demanding, black potting adhesive can also be used.

So that users need to pay attention when buying silicone potting glue, if the light transmission and light refractive index requirements are more strict, the requirements are higher, you can buy transparent potting glue.

Is the price of a clear silicone potting compound the same as a black silicone potting compound?

The price of transparent silicone potting adhesive is higher than that of black potting adhesive, although the general performance is more similar, only in terms of light transmission rate is not quite the same.

In summary, users need to be careful when buying potting adhesives according to their product requirements.

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