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What about problems with silicone sealants in terms of applicability and suitability? How to do a good job of prevention?


Silicone sealants have high use value and are used in many industrial fields. However, if you use it incorrectly, it will affect the service life and effect. Remind all users to be vigilant and avoid serious consequences due to wrong use.

What are the problems in the application process?

1. The base surface was not cleaned, or an inappropriate cleaning agent was used, resulting in poor adhesion.

2. Too much primer is applied to the base surface, or it is not fully dried, which will directly affect the construction effect of silicone sealant. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on silicone sealant research and provides customized silicone sealant application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, and electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

3. The construction temperature is too low, so that the silicone sealant cannot be cured. When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, please stop construction.

4. The contact area is too small, so the sealant cannot give full play to its adhesiveness.

5. The curing process is unsafe and affected by external forces.

What are the problems in determining the scope of application?

1. When bonding with metal materials, chemical reactions may occur when using acidic sealants.

2. There may be hidden dangers in the absence of pollution tests on the bonding surfaces.

3. There is no test before a large amount of use, so it is impossible to guarantee the good adhesion of the sealant.

What are the consequences of application and applicability problems, and how to prevent them?

When the silicone sealant is used, the above problems occur, which may cause the adhesive to crack or fall off, shortening the service life. In order to avoid these situations, users are advised to choose suitable products according to different usage environments, and pour them in the correct way to avoid future troubles.

When using the sealant for the first time, there were such and other problems, so I summed up the experience and lessons. Learn the operation skills, operate according to the instructions, and form a high-quality adhesive layer as much as possible. Protect components and play a stronger role.

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