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Global Sources April 2023 Hong Kong Show


Global Sources April 2023 Hong Kong Show

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2023 was be held on April 11-14, 20223, it was held in ASIAWORLD-EXPO,HONG KONG.


The Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show is a leading international trade fair for electronic products and solutions, held annually in two phases in Hong Kong. It attracts manufacturers, dealers, trade visitors, and industry experts from around the world. The event is organized by Global Sources, a renowned company specializing in the organization of trade fairs and the provision of business-to-business information. The show covers a wide range of product categories, including consumer electronics, smart home technologies, security products, electronics accessories, computing, and networking solutions, and mobile electronics. Exhibitors showcase their latest products, technologies, and innovations, while trade visitors have the opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends and explore business opportunities.

The Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show is usually divided into two phases, allowing exhibitors and visitors to focus more specifically on their respective areas of interest and benefit from each other more effectively. The first phase mainly focuses on consumer electronics, smart home technologies, and security products, while the second phase covers topics such as computing and network solutions, mobile electronics, and electronic accessories. The show will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo, a modern Hong Kong exhibition center located in close proximity to Hong Kong Airport. The exhibition center can be easily reached from the city center with the free Airport Express Train and free shuttle buses, and parking spaces are also available.

TENSAN as one of the exhibitors, which attended the first phase show 11-14th,2023.

About US:

TENSAN is the manufacturer of silicone sealant, thermal paste, silicone potting and SMT red glue manufacturer in China. Our product can be used on led light, home appliances and electronic product for bonding, sealing, waterproofing and heat dissipation, ROHS, Reach and MSDS certified. We started to do foreign trade business in the year 2014, now we have customer in Vietnam, India, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Brazil, Greece, Turkey etc. Our aim is to help customer save production cost with good quality product. Our team can always provide custom service at the earliest time to the customer.
TENSAN focuses on the research, development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality global series organic silicone and sizing program.We try our best to provide silicone products and services with excellent performance and stable quality. And we are committed to supplying efficient, stable and reliable silicone materials products and technical solutions for global customers. New innovation will be come up in the silicone industry with scientific and technological forces,that is promoting,TENSAN!


The topic of this show is about consumer electronics and electric components. So there are a lot of electronic products manufacturer.Such as mobile phone;computers;watches;smart home technologies and so on. At this show,most of customers are interested in thermal materials. Therefore,most of customers are interested in thermal materials.Actually,Our thermal grease and thermal pad is suitable for consumer electronics.We also received 8 clients,which inquiry about thermal materials.Otherwise,thermal materials will be the main product we strongly promote in the next business.

Thermal grease, as the heat transfer medium of electronic components and lighting assemblies, can be used for reducing the operating temperature of the heating element.Thermal grease is a kind of gray paste organosilicon compound. This product has good thermal conductivity and dielectric properties, weather resistance, pollution resistance, anti-ultraviolet property, and excellent moisture-proof insulation property. This product is suitable for the thermal coating of electrical appliances and electronic products, it is easy to use.


If you are interested in this materials or have any question about the Silicone and Silicone potting,please contact with us to learn more about.In the end,Thanks your reading the article.Let us meet in the next exhibition.

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