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What is silicone rubber? What are the unique advantages? Are there many types in the market?


In the adhesive market, there are various products. Different products can be applied in different fields to meet the needs of different industries. Just like silicone rubber, it plays its own advantages in many industrial fields and has been highly recognized and trusted. However, there are still some users who do not understand it, so you might as well explore it in depth.


What is silicone rubber?

The composition of this adhesive is not single, and its performance can be exerted under the reasonable combination of various components. The phenyl component is added to improve the performance of high and low temperature resistance. The addition of trifluoropropyl and cyano groups improves the temperature resistance and oil resistance, making it suitable for most working environments. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on silicone rubber research and provides customized silicone rubber application solutions. Instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.


What are the unique advantages of silicone rubber?

  • The low temperature resistance performance is very outstanding, and it can work in the environment of minus 55 degrees. Especially after adding phenyl, it can resist the low temperature of minus 73 degrees.
  • The high temperature resistance is very outstanding, and it can be placed in an environment of 180 degrees above zero for long-term use. If the temperature is higher, it can be used for a few weeks in an environment of 200 degrees above zero, but it is not suitable for long-term use.
  • Breathability is very prominent, which is one of its major advantages. During use, it has a good oxygen transmission rate.
  • In addition, the physiological inertia of silicone rubber is very obvious, and it will not coagulate, so it can be used in the medical industry.


Are there many types of silicone rubber?

In today's market, silicone rubber is also divided into many types. Different types have different resistance to high and low temperatures, and the applicable environments are also different. This requires users to choose carefully and choose more suitable products according to the specific use environment.

During the selection process, carefully understand the structure and performance of each silicone rubber. Expensive is not necessarily the best, as long as it works!

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