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Is the process of using electronic potting compound complicated? What should be paid attention to during use?


Electronic potting adhesives are used in many industrial fields. If you want this kind of adhesive to exert its excellent performance, you must not only choose an adhesive with good quality and outstanding performance, but also be able to use it. Improper use will seriously affect the curing effect, and the performance cannot be brought out.


What are the procedures for using electronic potting adhesives?

1. Weighing: Mix the AB agent according to the requirements. If weighing by mass, the ratio is 10:1, and by volume, the ratio is 1:1. Before weighing, the AB agent needs to be stirred evenly to avoid fine sedimentation.

2. Glue mixing: You can mix it by hand or by machine. For projects with a large amount of engineering, it is best to use a machine, which can mix the two groups of materials more evenly and facilitate later use. If mixing by hand, do not mix too much at one time to avoid waste.

3. Degassing: Place the evenly stirred material in a vacuum cabinet, and take out the air brought in during stirring.

4. Potting: After defoaming is completed, the machine can be used for potting. However, the base surface needs to be kept clean and dry to avoid affecting the curing effect. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of electronic potting adhesives, and provides customized electronic potting adhesive application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, Shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

5. Curing: At room temperature, it takes eight to twenty-four hours to complete the curing. The temperature in summer is high and the curing speed is shorter than this time. The temperature in winter is lower and the curing time will be longer than this time.


What should be paid attention to when using electronic potting glue?

If the mixture is mixed at a ratio of 10:1, the curing time cannot be accelerated by heating during curing. Although electronic potting glue is not a dangerous item, it cannot be eaten, let alone come into contact with eyes, and cannot be touched by children.

It is best to complete the mixed materials within the operable time to avoid waste. If you can't use too much at one time, you have to plan to deploy it.

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