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What is Epoxy Potting Adhesive? What are the methods of use? Which properties are important?


With the wide use of various adhesives, epoxy potting adhesives are becoming more and more popular and recognized by many industrial fields. Different from other material adhesives, this adhesive uses epoxy resin as the main material, and some auxiliary products are added. The functions are more and more complete and very easy to use.

What are the parameters and standards of epoxy potting adhesives?

Proportion: AB agent should be formulated according to the weight ratio of 5:1, and accurate weighing is required before the formulation.

Operating time: At room temperature of 25 degrees, the operating time is 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Once this time is exceeded, usage may be affected.

Curing conditions: It takes six to eight hours at room temperature, and it takes one hour to cure at 60 degrees.

How to use epoxy potting adhesive correctly?

Before use, the object to be potted should be kept clean and dry without impurities and moisture remaining.

Before using Agent A, you should observe carefully to see if there is any sedimentation, and stir well.

Weighing and blending are carried out according to scientific proportions, most of which are blended according to weight ratio. After weighing, fully stir the two groups of materials so as not to affect the curing effect. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of epoxy potting adhesives and provides customized epoxy potting adhesive application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, Medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

After stirring evenly, the glue can be poured, and it can be completed within the operable time.

After priming, give it time to allow the glue to seep into the small crevices. If the shape of the potting object is too complicated, secondary potting can be performed.

When curing, the environment should be kept clean and tidy to avoid falling of impurities.

Overall, epoxy potting adhesives are simple to use and perform well. As long as it is operated properly, it can achieve better results and reduce worries for users.

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