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What are the process characteristics of silicone potting glue? What are the typical uses?


Silicone potting glue is a kind of potting glue product with good adhesion. It has outstanding performance advantages, can achieve good adhesion with many substrates, and has good sealing performance. It has gradually been recognized by the industrial field and has been It is widely used in the bonding and potting of precision electronic components, solar energy and other devices.


Silicone potting adhesive process features:

1. Silicone potting adhesive is semi-solidified after curing, and has good adhesion to many substrates, which can achieve better bonding effect and ensure product quality.

2. The two components of the silicone potting adhesive cannot achieve rapid gel curing. If the operation requires heating and curing, the time is relatively free and the curing is more thorough.

3. The performance of the silicone potting adhesive product is very good, and no product will appear during the curing process, which ensures the adhesion of the product.

4. Silicone potting adhesive not only has good adhesion performance, but also has excellent electrical insulation, which can be well used in industrial fields to achieve good potting effect.

5. The practicability of the silicone potting glue is good, even if there is a crack, it can heal itself, and it plays the role of waterproof and moisture-proof.


Typical uses of silicone potting adhesives:

Good product performance has created a wide range of application fields for silicone potting adhesives, and has been adopted by more electronics manufacturing and other industrial fields. At present, it is dedicated to waterproof, moisture-proof and potting of electronic components, electrical modules, and solar energy. Sealing protection, etc., the more commonly used in the industrial field are silicone silicone gel, potting silicone gel, addition silicone gel and electronic silicone gel.


Whether it is adhesiveness, or waterproof, moisture-proof performance, silicone potting adhesives are outstanding, and have been widely used in industrial fields. However, it should be noted that only good quality and high-quality potting adhesive products can have this series of performance advantages and achieve good potting effects. Therefore, when choosing potting adhesives, the quality must be well checked. If a brand supplier with a good reputation and quality assurance, such as TENSAN, focuses on the research of potting compound and provides customized potting compound application solutions.

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