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What are the functions of sealant? What fields can it be applied to?


In recent years, the scope of use of sealants has become wider and wider, ranging from industrial use to small household use. This is mainly due to the strong performance advantages of this product. It is not only green, healthy and environmentally friendly, but also easy to use and has a good high performance. Adhesive strength and moisture-proof, shock-proof and leakage-proof characteristics. Such a good product must attract attention and have a wider range of use.


Eight functions of sealant:

1. You should know that glues are all chemical products, and they have a certain smell to some extent, but good quality sealants are basically green and environmentally friendly, and will not harm the human body during use after curing.

2. Some glue products are cumbersome to use, especially some industrial glues, which need to be proportioned and stirred, while sealants are different in that they are easy to use and easier to operate.

3. Many glues are inelastic and cannot achieve better adhesion, while sealants have good elastomers and are widely concerned.

4. Some ordinary glues have a low service life and cannot guarantee the product's adhesion, but sealant is not used, and its long service life is more guaranteed.

5. Some glues will become moldy after a period of time, but sealants will not. It is long-lasting mildew-resistant and highly effective adhesive force is popular. Therefore, in order to ensure the characteristics of the sealant, it is best to choose a quality-assured brand supplier, such as TENSAN, which focuses on sealant research and provides customized sealant application solutions.

6. Whether the adhesive is used well or not depends mainly on the adhesive force. Only products with high adhesive force can get attention, and sealant is such a product.

7. Whether the glue is environmentally friendly also needs attention, so as to better serve the public, so be sure to choose a formaldehyde-free sealant.

8. In addition to the previous types, the sealant also has advantages that other glues do not have, such as moisture-proof, shock-proof, and leakage-proof.


Application range of sealant:

1. These properties create a wider application range of sealants, such as filling various gaps that people encounter in family life. Such as: filling the gap between wooden doors and glass, filling the gap between the basin and the countertop, filling the gap between the bathtub and the wall, etc.

2. The sealant is different from other adhesives. It has excellent performance and can be used in households and industrial manufacturing.

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