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11-13 May 2023


On 11-13 May The 5th international exhibition for LED technology modern lighting systems decorative lighting and electronic components were held at the International Conference Center in Cairo, Egypt.

LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO is the only professional LED lighting exhibition in Egypt, hosted by ITE, held annually. Egypt is the second most populous country in Africa, and its economy and technology have long been in the leading position in Africa. Already recognized as one of the hottest investment destinations in the world, the Egyptian economy has entered a new phase of active development, with rapidly growing demand for a wide range of goods and services. The exhibition responds to the needs of the industry and is one of the important components of the energy-saving action to deal with the growing energy shortage in the world.


China's Belt and Road Initiative is in line with Egypt's Vision 2030, which includes greater connectivity in energy, transportation, infrastructure and more. The "Belt and Road" initiative is in line with Egypt's vision. The "Belt and Road" initiative is in line with Egypt's goal of developing the economy, promoting financial integration and cultural exchanges, and becoming a strategic partner. Sisi said that Egypt is participating in a series of cooperation projects under the framework of the "Belt and Road", among which it hopes to build the Suez Canal Corridor into an important regional center, trade center, transportation center and logistics center.

In recent years, with the development of the Egyptian economy, the number of rich people in Egypt has continued to increase, and the demand for a new generation of energy-saving LED lights in the Egyptian market has also increased. Value-added lamps such as LED lamps will also occupy an important position in the Egyptian lighting market. LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO in Cairo, Egypt will also be another important direction for Chinese products to explore the Egyptian market.

The exhibition is dedicated to many professional fields, such as LED systems, applications and components, modern indoor and outdoor lighting supplies, lighting venues and projects, various lighting, electronic displays, solar lighting systems and electronic components.


The exhibition is also sponsored by major national companies working in the LED technology industry, modern lighting systems and advertising, and many foreign companies are involved in manufacturing the latest technology for Egyptian factories.

The fifth edition set multiple records, continuing the huge success of the fourth edition, with a 23% increase in local and international participation compared to last year, while the number of first-day (only) visitors hit an all-time high of It attracted a high visit rate of 6,321 professional visitors, 35.4% of whom came from outside Egypt. This shows that the number of visitors to the three-day exhibition exceeded 15,000 visitors. On the other hand, the exhibition is full of prominent international players from China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia besides the participation of Egyptian local and joint companies.

Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company as one of the exhibitors, it was established in July 2014 in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Our company, as one of the high-tech company, is enterprise focusing on glue for LED lighting fixtures. The company has a number of senior engineers in the electronics and lighting industry, has an experienced professional application team, and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive LED lighting glue solutions.


The company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of adhesives and chemicals in the LED lighting and electronics industries, as well as supporting services. It is a national high-tech enterprise with independent research and development capabilities, complete production equipment, and a sound quality system.

TENSAN is the company's own brand. The company's main product categories include: silicone potting adhesive, silicone sealant, thermal conductive adhesive, thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive gasket, insulating sheet, epoxy structural adhesive, red adhesive and other series.


During the exhibition, TENSAN's foreign trade team communicated with customers face to face, listened to their actual needs, and patiently and professionally answered their doubts. With the solid professionalism of the foreign trade team, warm and thoughtful service and high-quality and affordable products, it has attracted the attention of a large number of customers and professional buyers, and many visitors expressed their willingness to cooperate in depth.

Since the establishment of the company, it has been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, unswervingly insisting on professionalism to create value, and providing customers at home and abroad with a full range of high-quality services for silicone use and solutions. Let all customers who choose TENSAN use assured products and enjoy fast and warm services.

At this exhibition, TENSAN brought products such as silicone sealant, thermal conductive adhesive, thermal grease, thermal pad, insulating sheet and two-component curing samples. It is worth mentioning that these products come with excep-tional features. Our products are  safe chemicals and can be transported as normal products. Relevant certification is complete. Compared with PU and epoxy potting, our silicone potting has good anti-yellowing; good waterproof; good temperature resistance; support can be repaired; good weather resistance and good insulation.


Moreover, our THERMAL GREASE and SILICONE SEALANT are equally high performing products, suitable for LED lighting bonding and heat dissipation. They are good sealing, insulation and thermal conductivity let the LED light of life time longer.


With the successful conclusion of the trip to Egypt, TENSAN has initially completed the brand remodeling in 2023, and through this exhibition, the brand's popularity and reputation have been enhanced in an all-round way. In the face of fierce market competition, TENSAN will continue to innovate technology and improve quality in line with the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", and make persistent efforts to achieve greater success!


Stay tuned for our next exhibition Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is one of the most important fairs in the lighting industry, and Asia’s most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event.

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou,China

Date: 9th~12th, June, 2023

Booth No.: 5.2-D49



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