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How to apply thermal grease? What mistakes should be made when smearing?


Before using thermal grease, many users do not know how to apply it. Everyone has their own method of operation, but they don't know which method of operation is more practical and can make the adhesive show excellent performance. Study hard and try to use it better and last longer.


How to apply thermal grease better?

Different users have different application methods, and most people will put a drop in the middle of the chip. Flatten it through the radiator and spread evenly. Some users also apply a layer all over and apply pressure to make it firmer. Whichever method of application you use, choose a quality product that will perform to its full potential. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, more assured, wide range of uses, can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.


What misunderstandings should be paid attention to when applying thermal grease?

1. Five-point style. When using this method of application, try to control the thickness of the adhesive layer. When the adhesive layer is too thick, it will be isolated and cannot function normally.

2. Circle type. When using this method of smearing, do not smear randomly. Some users think that you can apply as much as you can, and apply it in a circular manner. This is not done correctly and results in a lot of adhesive being spilled, wasting it and potentially damaging the hardware.

3. Scraper type. When using this method of application, the coating should not be too thick. Don't think that the price of a tube of thermal grease is not particularly expensive, so you can apply it at will. It can be spread evenly with a spatula to avoid spillage.


There is not a single method of applying thermal grease, just choose the commonly used method. During the application process, be sure to apply evenly. In this way, no air bubbles will appear, and it will not be affected by impurities, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, the adhesive layer must be as thin as possible, not only will not affect the heat conduction effect, but can improve the heat conduction effect and save costs.

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