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What should I do if the material of the potting glue is precipitated? How to deal with the relationship between AB agents?


Some users have encountered some problems when using potting compound. Small problems can be solved by themselves, but what should we do when we encounter big problems?


What should I do if the material of the potting glue settles?

This kind of situation mostly occurs on the two-component potting glue. Once the agent A precipitates but cannot be dealt with in time, it will affect the effect of later use. In order to increase thermal conductivity and flame retardant performance, manufacturers will add thermal conductive powder and flame retardant powder. If these materials are placed for a long time, they will sink and even delaminate.


Don't worry, what settles down is the sediment of thermal conductive powder and flame retardant powder. It's not that they're expired, or that they're not of quality, but of their nature. The solution to this problem is simple, stir well before use. After mixing evenly, it will not affect the performance.


How can we handle the relationship between AB agents?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of some AB agents is half a year, and some are one year. For unused materials, they can be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place. When using it again, it is necessary to stir the A agent evenly, and then fully stir it with the B agent. Don't worry about the sediment, it doesn't have much effect on the cured effect. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting glue and provides customized potting glue application solutions. It is widely used and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, Automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.


What should be paid attention to when using potting glue in daily life?

It is recommended that users strictly follow the instructions when using the potting compound. If you want to use it in a large area, you need to conduct small batch experiments. Only when the ratio is correct can it play its own performance. After use, it should be sealed and stored properly. Do not place it in a high temperature and humid environment to minimize waste.


When it is not used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be material precipitation. Within the shelf life, as long as the material is stirred evenly, it will not affect the performance. Once the expiration date is exceeded, do you need to try to see if you can continue to use it?

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