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How to choose the right potting glue? Which features should be paid attention to?


In today's market, the colors and types of potting compounds are different, and the performances displayed are also different. In order to use a suitable potting compound, you need to choose carefully.

How to choose a suitable potting compound?

1. From the analysis of the bonding performance, the condensation type potting compound is better. It has a wider application range than addition-type adhesives and can be bonded to many materials.

2. From the perspective of flame retardancy, the addition type silicone is better. The biggest advantage of this type of adhesive is thermal conductivity and flame retardancy, which can maximize these two properties.

3. From the analysis of waterproof performance, this adhesive has a good bonding effect. The material used is highly water resistant and effectively resists moisture and humidity. Cooperate with powerful brand suppliers, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting glue and provides customized potting glue application solutions. It is widely used and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, Automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

4. From the analysis of thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of transparent potting compound is higher.

Which type of potting glue is stronger?

Many industrial fields require potting adhesives to have strong hardness to resist external impact and pressure. Transparent condensation adhesives have a hardness of about 20, and white, black and gray have a hardness of about 30. The hardness of the transparent addition type adhesive is between 0 and 35, and the hardness of the colored one is between 0 and 70.


The hardness is different, the specific gravity is also different, and the two are directly proportional. When purchasing, it does not mean that the stronger the hardness, the better, as long as it can meet the requirements of the use environment, it is the best.


Different colors, different performance?

Potting adhesives are either transparent or colored. Among them, transparent adhesives can transmit light, but colored ones cannot. However, the colored potting compound can make the application less affected by light, which is not useless.


When choosing a potting compound, you can choose from the aspects of performance, color and hardness, and the most suitable one is the most reliable.

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