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Are one-component potting adhesives and two-component adhesives easy to use? What are the differences between the two?


For one-component potting adhesive, it can react with moisture in the air and form an elastic and glossy adhesive layer after curing. This adhesive has a variety of properties, can resist changes in high and low temperatures, does not dissipate heat from components, and has a long service life. In addition to this product, there is also a two-component product with a different structure and very different details. What is the difference between one-component potting adhesive and two-component adhesive?


Different structure

There is only one type of one-component potting adhesive, which can be used directly. The two-component adhesives are divided into two categories: condensation type and addition type, and these two types of products also have differences. Condensation-type products have good adhesion, but take a long time to cure. The addition type product has a soft film, which has a strong protective effect, but the adhesion is not good.


The operation process is different

The one-component potting adhesive has only one set of materials, which can be poured directly. The operation method is simple and easy to use, only need to go through defoaming treatment. Two-component adhesives are not good, and the two groups of materials need to be mixed evenly, and the pouring can be completed within the operable time.


Usage is different

The one-component potting glue should not be too thick when pouring, and must not exceed 6 mm, which is suitable for small areas. The two-component adhesive has very low viscosity and good fluidity, and can be used in a large area.


The curing effect is different

The one-component potting adhesive will not absorb heat to cure, and there is not much shrinkage in the process, and the adhesion is not bad. The two-component adhesive needs to be cured by temperature, and it can be partially repaired once it is damaged.


To sum up, this is the difference between one-component potting adhesives and two-component adhesives, and a lot of understanding can be used in the appropriate field.

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