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How to choose the best epoxy resin glue?


Do you only know the viscosity and color when purchasing epoxy adhesives? Or apply for a sample to operate and see, and buy it if it suits you. When choosing epoxy glue, don't just look at these points, and don't miss the other points.

1. What is epoxy glue used for? What is it for?

Choose whether the epoxy glue is used for bonding or potting, underfill or heat conduction, whether it needs to be conductive, and what it is used for. If it is potting, it is necessary to know how its sealing performance is, and choose a special epoxy potting glue. In addition, there are other epoxy adhesives such as non-conductive adhesives, which must be taken into consideration.

2. What are the colors of epoxy glue? How does it match the material I want to bond?

There are many colors of epoxy glue, and they can be customized and changed. If you don’t know it, you can just buy a color, such as black, but your own material is white, which will not look good. Some people will choose to buy transparent ones directly, but if it is used to bond sealing materials, it will easily expose the device, so pay attention to the choice of color. Xihe Applied Materials epoxy adhesive has a variety of colors, such as black, white, gray, transparent, or fluorescent colors such as yellow and red.

3. Choose the viscosity of epoxy glue:

The viscosity of epoxy glue should be selected properly, for example, the viscosity used for potting and conductive is different. If it is potted, the fluidity of the adhesive is required. Generally, it will be seen during the test, so don't choose blindly, you can choose after the operation test.

4. Composition of epoxy glue:

Epoxy glue is generally AB two-component, the two-component needs to be used after mixing, and the one-component can be used directly. Need to ask clearly before buying. Moreover, the two-component one will only produce a curing reaction after mixing, and it can be stored at room temperature. Single components require refrigeration. Choose according to your own needs.

5. Operational requirements for epoxy glue:

For example, its curing speed, surface strength, impact resistance, water resistance and so on are required. Some require fast curing speed, and some require slow curing speed. It is mainly determined by the curing time between the materials to be bonded. Don’t say that the faster the curing speed, the better, and other properties are the same.

6. The cost of epoxy glue:

Epoxy glue is not cheap, especially when buying in small quantities. One is usually 20ml or 30ml, and if there is more, it may be 50ml. The price is relatively expensive. The price of a single piece may be more than one hundred yuan, and the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand. While choosing other properties of epoxy glue, the price must also be Understand clearly.


7. Selection of epoxy glue factory:

Be sure to choose a company with qualifications, after-sales service, guarantee, and international testing standards, so that you can buy glue with more confidence. And generally those with factories can independently develop adhesives, and can produce glue according to their own needs.

Remember the above methods of choosing epoxy glue, you can avoid stepping on pits when buying epoxy glue, and save a lot of communication time and experimental procedures.

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