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What is potting gel? What are the characteristics of its application? Is it easy to operate?


Among sealing materials, potting gel is more popular, which can meet the needs of many industries and exert its real strength.

What is potting gel?

It is a composite product. After mixing and curing, it will form a gel-like adhesive layer with good elasticity. Its appearance makes up for the shortcomings of similar products and maximizes its own advantages. Moreover, its affinity is good, it can resist climate and high and low temperature, and its plasticity is good.

The affinity of potting gel is slightly better

In operation, this adhesive can better stick to the substrate and has a good affinity. There are not too strict requirements on the bonding materials, and almost all can be used. The thickness is not high, the minimum is only 0.08 mm, but it can be flame retardant and insulating. Cooperating with powerful brand suppliers, there are also surprises, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting gel and provides customized potting gel application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation , ships, electronics, automobiles.

Almost no hardness, no internal stress

After the potting gel is formed, its shape can be shaped according to actual requirements, and the plasticity is good. Even if it is fully cured, it has no hardness and will not generate internal stress to affect the function and service life of the protected object. Contact with various irregular components, according to its requirements to plastic, perfect sealing.

The potting adhesive gel has good adhesion and is very reliable

During use, the potting compound gel will not become dry immediately, let alone oily. It has its own elasticity and is very reliable.

Suitable for continuous operation

When the construction schedule is tight, the potting gel can be used continuously without worrying about too many problems. Weighing directly, continuous use. It is best to use machine operation, fixed-point quantitative, improve work efficiency and save labor.

This is its advantage and the main reason why it is used in high-end fields. It can protect electronic components from damage, so you can use it with confidence.

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