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What are the differences between silicone potting compound and polyurethane potting compound?


Silicone potting compound and polyurethane potting compound are used in the same industry and even the same products, so many users are confused about the choice of these two potting compounds. Each aspect will be explained to make a distinction, please listen to the following sharing.


1. Defoaming

The defoaming properties of potting adhesives are divided into natural defoaming and vacuum defoaming, but when it is necessary to identify the pros and cons of defoaming properties of potting adhesives, choose AB components to mix and stir naturally to defoam, and compare them to completely defoam under the same environmental conditions Due to the viscosity of the polyurethane potting adhesive itself, it is difficult for the bubbles generated by stirring to rise to the surface naturally, and the time required is relatively long. In particular, it is recommended to use vacuum defoaming for medium and high viscosity polyurethane potting adhesives, while silicone potting adhesives use silicone oil, which itself has the function of defoaming agent. Therefore, in terms of natural defoaming properties, silicone potting under the same conditions The sealing and defoaming properties are relatively better.


2. Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance refers to the fact that potting adhesive products are used in different environments for a long time, and the performance is not affected by the environment and still maintains the application function. Generally, the temperature-resistant working temperature of silicone potting glue is -50 to 200°C, and some models can even reach -60 to 250°C. The temperature-resistant working temperature of polyurethane potting glue is generally -60 to 130°C, so the low temperature performance is two Both are superior, but the high temperature resistance of silicone is stronger than that of polyurethane.


3. Adhesiveness

The adhesion of polyurethane potting adhesive is better than that of silicone potting adhesive, mainly because the main material of polyurethane potting adhesive determines this characteristic, and it has a good bonding effect on most materials, while silicone potting adhesive Only condensation-type products can exert a certain degree of adhesiveness and bond with other materials, while for addition-type silicone potting adhesives, they hardly exhibit adhesive performance, so the bonding performance of potting adhesives is relatively high. For users, you can consider polyurethane potting glue first.


Potting adhesives can be classified into silicone, polyurethane, and epoxy systems based on their main materials. Potting adhesives of different materials have their own advantages in application performance. The main thing is to choose according to the actual application product and environment. Whether it is good or bad, the important thing is that it is suitable, so the recommendation and selection methods and precautions are very important.

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