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TENSAN is a manufacturer providing professional silicone use solutions


Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company, founded in 2014, is a professional engaged in organic silicone series product research and development, production, sales, and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.


The main products produced by TENSAN are electronic silicone, thermal grease and silicone potting compound. Electronic silica gel is widely used in the electronics industry. It has good insulation performance, high temperature resistance and adhesive performance, and can effectively protect electronic components. Thermally conductive silicone grease has excellent thermal conductivity and plays an important role in fields with high heat dissipation requirements. Silicone potting compounds, on the other hand, provide an excellent seal that prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the interior of the device.


TENSAN is committed to providing high-quality products and ensures that each batch of products meets the standard through a strict quality control system. At the same time, in order to meet customer needs and improve service efficiency, the factory has implemented a fast delivery strategy to ensure timely supply.


In addition, we also focus on price competitiveness, which has certain advantages in the market. Through reasonable cost control and efficient production process, we can provide competitive prices and save costs for customers.


To sum up, TENSAN's silicone products are widely used in LED lighting, consumer electronics, smart home appliances, photovoltaic new energy, new energy vehicles, 5G communications, aerospace and other fields, and are known for their quality assurance, short delivery time and Competitive prices are recognized by the market.


For more information about Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company and its wide range of silicone products, please visit / or contact us at Partner with us and experience the excellence and reliability that our silicone factory brings to the industry.

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