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What are the disadvantages of silicone potting glue? Will it have any impact if used in electrical appliances?


Silicone potting adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive that is cheap and widely used. It is an indispensable material in the manufacturing process of many electrical appliances or electronics. The reason why silicone potting glue is so widely used is that it has many advantages. However, users should not ignore its shortcomings when using it, so that they can make better use of it.

What are the disadvantages of silicone potting glue?

The disadvantages of silicone potting glue are more obvious, that is, the mechanical strength is relatively poor, the bonding strength is moderate, and the bonding strength is not as good as that of epoxy resin potting glue. Users can easily

Silicone potting glue has obvious shortcomings. Will it have any impact when used in electrical appliances?

The main application fields of silicone potting glue are outdoor power supplies, chargers or linear lights, displays and LED lamps. It can also be used in the potting of electrical appliances, circuit boards and components. Appliances in these areas can still be used if problems arise and can be repaired or components replaced. This is because silicone potting glue has poor mechanical strength and can be easily broken apart without straining electrical components. Therefore, it has no impact when used in electrical appliances, but is an advantage.

What are the obvious benefits of silicone potting compounds?

Silicone potting glue is cheap and can achieve deep curing properties after curing. It has excellent insulation properties and can strengthen the insulation properties of electrical appliances after use.

In addition, silicone potting glue can also be divided into transparent and non-transparent colors. Although there are some differences in appearance and color between the two, their fields of use are also very different. After the transparent potting glue is cured, you can directly see the internal conditions of the electrical components, which is suitable for use in areas with high requirements for light refraction. If the light requirements are not very strong, you can choose non-transparent potting glue.

There are three colors of non-transparent potting glue: black, gray and white. Not all products have such rich colors. Only big brands can guarantee this. Therefore, if it is a large-scale construction, it is necessary to cooperate with products with good brands and reputations, so that they can be used more safely.

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