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Sealant purchasing guide, has anyone really understood these 5 points?


How many times have you purchased sealant? When purchasing sealant, do you strictly select the brand of the product? Carefully check the outer packaging of the product; Strictly review the production date of the adhesive; Whether the barrel is opened to check the product quality of the adhesive, such as whether there is Pungent odor, precipitation, etc.; have you carefully checked the applicable scope of the product? I believe that a small number of people will strictly follow these procedures when purchasing, but most people may not know it well, so today we will analyze the sealant purchasing guide.

1. Check the outer packaging carefully

Generally, fake sealant products will produce rough outer packaging to save the cost of outer packaging. The appearance of these outer packaging containers is skewed, and the instructions for use are blurred. Once you encounter this kind of product, you must reject it decisively. Because genuine products will be carefully designed from the outer packaging to the product, there will be no such common sense mistakes.

2. Check the production date

Some unscrupulous merchants sell expired products. These products are usually unsold inventory, and product quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we have to look at the production date indicated on the outer packaging of the adhesive. The quality of adhesives that have passed the storage period may decline.

3. Choose products from reliable brands

Choose brand products. These companies have good quality management systems and the quality is guaranteed. This kind of sealant is also relatively safe and environmentally friendly when used.

4. Open the barrel to check the adhesive quality

If there are no problems with the outer packaging and production date, you can open the barrel to check the quality of the sealant. Check whether the sealant is uniform, whether there is stratification and sedimentation, and whether there is an irritating smell when opening the container. If the sealant is uneven, has sediment, and has a pungent smell, it is recommended to purchase it with caution.

5. Check the applicable scope of the product

The applicable scope of each type of product is different, so we must look at the applicable scope of the product. Try not to buy products that are only suitable for outdoor use. The performance will be somewhat different from other products.

If you don’t know how to choose sealant, after reading these 5 points above, I believe you will have more direction. These buying guides can be used not only when purchasing sealants, but also when purchasing thermal conductive adhesives, waterproof adhesives, structural adhesives and other products to help you buy satisfactory adhesive products!

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