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Electronic potting compound - an integral part of the protection of electronic components


Electronic potting glue is a kind of polymer sealing material. It is often used for potting electronic components, modules, transformers, power supplies, sensors and other electronic components to protect them from the influence of the external environment, avoid direct exposure of components and circuits, and improve the performance of the device. Protective properties, improving the insulation between internal components and circuits, and strengthening the integrity of electronic devices have gradually become an indispensable part of protecting electronic components.

The role of electronic potting glue


Adhesion as an adhesive is also the most basic function of electronic potting glue and is crucial in its application. Through potting and bonding of electronic components, the integrity of electronic components is strengthened, thereby improving the resistance of the entire electronic device to external impact and vibration.


In the manufacturing and repair process of electronic products, the use of potting glue to encapsulate electronic components can prevent electronic components and circuits from being directly exposed to the air, protect them from the impact of the external environment, and improve the waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof properties of the device. , anti-corrosion and other protective properties to improve the service life and reliability of the product.

Characteristics of electronic potting glue

1. The main characteristics of electronic potting glue are high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, etc., without damaging the performance of electronic components. This makes electronic potting compounds the first choice for manufacturing and repairing high-durability, high-reliability electronic products.

2. Another important feature of electronic potting glue is good electrical insulation and conductivity. Electrical insulation performance refers to the ability to prevent the passage of current under weak electric fields. Conductivity refers to the ability to transmit current in the presence of voltage. Electronic potting glue can not only effectively isolate circuit components and prevent circuit short circuits, but it can also be used as conductive glue to connect circuit components. This not only improves the efficiency of electrical connections, but also ensures the safety of electronic components.

As an excellent protective solution, electronic potting glue should be selected according to the specific use environment and application requirements. In addition, when using electronic potting glue, you need to pay attention to some skills. First, ensure that the potting position is dry and clean, and position the electronic components in the correct position; secondly, select appropriate electronic potting glue viscosity, hardness, curing speed and other indicators to ensure product performance after potting; Finally, during the potting process, the glue must be evenly coated to avoid problems such as leakage or blockage.

In short, electronic potting glue is an important electronic component protection material. It has the advantages of high durability, high reliability, good electrical insulation and conductivity. The correct selection and use of electronic potting glue can effectively improve the performance and service life of the product.

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