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TENSAN participated in the 18th Vietnam International Chemical Industry Exhibition


Today is the first day of the 18th Vietnam International Chemical Industry Exhibition. As a representative of an adhesive company, TENSAN is very honored to participate in this event. This exhibition provides us with an excellent platform to showcase our products, communicate with peers around the world, and understand the latest trends in the industry. It also opens up new market opportunities for us.

First of all, I want to emphasize the scale and influence of this exhibition. According to statistics, there are hundreds of companies from all over the world participating in this exhibition, including many well-known brands and industry leaders. The exhibition attracted tens of thousands of professional visitors and industry professionals to visit and negotiate, making it one of the most influential chemical industry exhibitions in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia.

At the exhibition site, TENSAN's booth attracted the attention of many visitors. Our product range is rich, including various high-performance adhesives, potting compounds, sealants, etc., which are widely used in construction, automobiles, electronics, medical and other fields. Our products have the advantages of high bonding strength, good weather resistance, environmental protection and non-toxicity, and are well received by customers. During the exhibition, we reached cooperation intentions with many potential customers and received attention and consultation from many industry insiders, which provided new opportunities for our business expansion.

During the exhibition, we also gained a lot of valuable industry information and market trends. We understand that with the improvement of environmental awareness and technological advancement, green and environmentally friendly adhesives are increasingly favored by the market. In addition, Vietnam's domestic demand for high-end adhesives and special adhesives is also growing, which provides a new direction for our future product research and development and market expansion.

When summing up this exhibition, I think we gained a lot. First of all, our products have been recognized by more customers, laying the foundation for our sales growth. Secondly, we understand the latest development trends and market dynamics of the industry, which provides strong support for our product research and development and market expansion. Finally, we also met many new colleagues and friends, laying the foundation for future cooperation.

In short, participating in the 18th Vietnam International Chemical Industry Exhibition was a very meaningful experience. We not only demonstrated the strength and product advantages of the company, but also learned about the latest developments and market trends in the industry. I believe that this exhibition will bring more opportunities and challenges to our future development.

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