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What properties does automobile headlight glue need to have?


As a vehicle lighting tool, car lights are called the eyes of the car. It is mainly divided into front and rear lights, turn lights, license plate lights, etc., and plays an important role in night driving lighting, driving signal prompts, turn sign display, fog collision prevention, etc. It is closely related to driving safety, and its importance is self-evident.

Due to the complex environment in which it is used, in addition to requirements for mechanical properties and anti-aging properties, car lamp adhesive must also meet the following performance requirements:

High and low temperature cycle resistance

When the vehicle is not running, the temperature of the headlights may be lower than 0°C. When driving with lights on for a long time at night, the temperature inside the lights can reach as high as 170°C. When the car lights stop being used, the temperature of the car lights will gradually drop to the ambient temperature. Therefore, to ensure the long-term stable use of car lights, the glue used must have excellent high and low temperature cycle resistance.

Anti-seismic, impact and fatigue resistance

The road sections that most cars need to drive are usually very complicated. Vibrations due to uneven road surfaces often occur during driving. In order to ensure the stability of the use of car lights and avoid damage to the car lights caused by loosening and falling off of the rubber strips due to long-term vibration, it is necessary to use Excellent earthquake resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance sealant to ensure driving safety.

UV resistance, aging resistance and yellowing resistance

Cars will inevitably be exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. In order to ensure that long-term use of the headlight glue layer does not produce cracks and other aging phenomena that affect the appearance and sealing properties, the headlight glue used is required to have excellent UV aging resistance and will not cause signs of aging after long-term use. yellow.


The rainy season in the south tends to corrode cars for a long time. In order to ensure that the sealing of the headlights is not affected, the waterproofness of the headlight glue used must be good.

Although the car lights are only a part of the car, they are an important guarantee for the safety of the car. Turn on the double flashing lights during thunderstorms and haze to increase the car's visibility, turn on the turn signal when turning to avoid rear-end collisions, and turn on the brake light when braking to remind vehicles behind you to be ready to slow down. It can be seen that car lights play an important role in many scenarios, and their performance requirements are very strict when faced with complex usage environments such as sun and rain. Therefore, when choosing car light glue, you must pay attention to the performance characteristics of the selected glue.

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