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Why does mechanical potting glue change color after curing? It turns out there are so many reasons


During the production process of machinery and equipment, some potting glue is generally poured for safety. The potting glue can play a protective role and has a certain viscosity, which can stick the machine to the colloid. The mechanical parts are not easy to use during use. Shedding occurs. However, some users reported that the mechanical potting glue will change color after curing. What is going on?

Why does mechanical potting glue change color after curing?

First, if you are using a transparent mechanical potting glue, it is normal for the glue to change color slightly after curing, but the color will not change too much, it will just turn slightly yellow.

Second, if you use black or gray mechanical potting glue, this kind of potting glue will not change color easily after curing. If the color changes greatly after curing, you need to consider whether dust or other raw materials were mixed during construction, resulting in The color of the glue changes after curing.

Will the color of mechanical potting glue change seriously after curing? What needs to be done?

Under normal circumstances, it is normal for the color of transparent mechanical potting glue to turn slightly yellow after curing and will not affect normal use. The color of black or other colors of potting glue changes greatly after curing. At this time, the performance of the cured glue needs to be tested to understand whether the performance has changed. If the performance of the glue changes too much, the glue may If it affects the use effect, it will face rework.

What are the precautions for using mechanical potting glue?

Users need to pay attention when using mechanical potting glue. At any stage of construction, the environment must be kept clean and the construction must strictly follow the usage requirements. Other glues cannot be stored together with it to avoid mistakes caused by picking up the wrong glue. In addition, after the two components of mechanical potting glue are mixed, the pouring work needs to be completed as soon as possible, because the glue will undergo a curing reaction after a certain period of time, affecting its use.

Mechanical potting glue is an indispensable glue in the manufacturing industry. Because it has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties after curing, and the glue has a moderate viscosity, even if a malfunction occurs, the machine can be easily opened to replace parts. When purchasing such a popular glue, you need to carefully select the brand and try to choose a quality-guaranteed type, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of potting glue and provides customized potting glue application solutions.

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