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What are the advantages of clear sealant? How to choose potting glue?


In the sealant industry, transparent sealants are particularly popular because this glue becomes transparent after curing. Especially when used to seal equipment shells, it can achieve a traceless potting effect without affecting the appearance. Transparent sealant is divided into two-component and single-component. The usage fields of different components are different. You need to combine the usage fields before purchasing.

What are the advantages of clear sealant?

1. A two-component product, the glue can be prepared according to the usage amount, and can be constructed manually or by machine. The machine has high construction efficiency and can also ensure glue injection measurement.

2. The obvious advantage of transparent sealant is that it becomes transparent after use, and the sealed electrical components can be clearly observed. Once there is a problem with the component, the fault point can be quickly found and replaced.

3. Although it is a transparent potting glue, it is normal for it to turn slightly yellow after curing, but it will not affect its use. Even after it turns yellow, it can still achieve aging and corrosion resistance.

How to choose transparent sealant?

1. When buying transparent sealants, you need to be careful not to buy low-priced products. This type of glue is low-priced. To ensure stable profits, you need to use cheap raw materials. There is no safety guarantee when purchasing this glue, and it may even release volatile substances during use.

2. There are many brands of transparent sealants. Generally, it is safer to buy well-known brands. Because well-known brands are subject to market supervision and environmental protection department supervision, the quality of glue is more guaranteed and quality problems generally do not occur. The glue of small brands has received little attention, and even if there are quality problems, it is difficult for the market to pay attention to them.

Transparent sealant is a particularly popular type in the sealant market. When buying this kind of glue, if you don’t understand it, it will be difficult to buy a high-quality product. At this time, you can choose a well-known brand, such as TENSAN, focusing on transparent sealant. Through research, we provide customized transparent sealant application solutions with a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

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