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Across thousands of miles, Shenzhen TENSAN successfully delivered 14 tons of potting glue to South Korea


In today's globalized world, cross-border cooperation has become an important direction for enterprise development. Recently, Shenzhen TENSAN, with its excellent product quality and efficient logistics system, successfully delivered 14 tons of potting adhesive to a well-known Korean company, once again proving the international competitiveness of my country's adhesive industry.

The 14 tons of potting glue delivered this time were Korean customers who finally chose TENSAN’s products after many inspections and comparisons. This is not only recognition of TENSAN's technical level, but also an affirmation of the quality of my country's manufacturing industry. In the tide of the global economy, my country's adhesive industry is gradually emerging and winning the favor of the international market with high-quality products and services.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of this delivery, TENSAN strictly controls every link from product production, inspection to packaging and transportation to ensure that the product reaches Korean customers safely in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the company also provides customers with detailed instructions for use and technical support to ensure that customers can make full use of this batch of potting glue and maximize its effectiveness.

This successful delivery not only brought good economic benefits to the adhesive company, but also accumulated valuable international cooperation experience for the company. In the future, my country's adhesive industry will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international market, continuously improve its technical level and product quality, and provide better products and services to global customers.

In today's world of global economic integration, my country's adhesive industry is writing its own glorious chapter with its unique charm and strength. We believe that in the near future, my country's adhesive industry will achieve more brilliant achievements in the international market and contribute more to the development of my country's manufacturing industry.

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