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How to judge the quality of sealant without testing?


Both electrical appliances and automobiles require the use of a large number of different types of adhesives in the manufacturing process, which also leads to a very strong market for adhesives. Sealants are an irreplaceable adhesive. Whether it is a two-component or a single-component, the sales volume is very good. But controlling the quality when purchasing is key.

How to judge sealant quality without testing:

1. Observe with the naked eye whether the sealant packaging and instructions are complete with manufacturer, usage, and precautions. If the packaging is simple and the price is low, then the quality is worrying and you need to buy with caution.

2. Observe the sealant viscosity. Although a good sealant is fluid, it does not flow easily and can fill small gaps in electrical components. If the viscosity of the sealant is low, unevenness will appear on the surface during the curing stage of the filling base material, reducing the sealing performance. If the viscosity of the sealant is high, the fluidity will be poor during the solidification stage of filling the surface of the base material, and it will not be able to fill fine particles without any sealing properties.

3. Temperature resistance after curing. The temperature resistance performance after curing is not a condition for judging the quality of the sealant. If the sealant has high and low performance conditions but does not meet the corresponding performance in the instructions after curing, the quality is worrying, so purchase with caution.

4. Manufacturer. Big-brand sealant manufacturers have production qualifications and meet various testing standards. Small brands do not have these guarantees, so it is more reliable to buy large quantities from brands such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of sealants and provides customized sealant application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military industry, and medical care. , aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

Sealants have good performance and are widely used. They can be purchased and stored in large quantities. However, you need to pay attention to the storage environment. It must be dry and away from fire sources, children, insects and mice. The storage environment must be ventilated to facilitate long-term storage. The general shelf life is 6 months. It is not recommended to use it again after the shelf life. If it is used Requirements need to be tested.

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