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What is the curing method of potting glue? How to use silicone potting glue?


Potting glue has a certain fluidity and is usually used in electronics or electrical appliances. It has good fluidity during the injection stage and can be potted into small gaps. Once solidified, it can achieve bonding, waterproofing, insulation, anti-corrosion, etc. . There are many types of potting glue. Silicone potting glue is more common and has a wide range of uses. However, it is easy to encounter various problems during the operation stage, especially curing problems.

How to cure silicone potting glue?

The curing methods of silicone potting glue are divided into normal temperature curing and heating curing. The higher the curing environment, the faster the curing speed. If it is cured naturally in a relatively cold environment in winter, the curing reaction may not occur for a long time. The glue often has unstable properties after curing for a long time, and it also prolongs the construction process.

How to use silicone potting glue?

1. After the AB component glue is stirred evenly, it can be left to stand for a few minutes. This period is beneficial to the discharge of air bubbles. Then after mixing the glue, stir slowly to fully mix the two components, which is conducive to solidification.

2. The glue mixing stage needs to be determined according to the temperature of the construction site and the construction progress. The more glue mixed at one time, the faster the heating reaction will occur.

3. Users can increase the curing speed by changing the proportion of curing agent, but the proportion of curing agent cannot be changed too much. An appropriate increase will not easily change the performance of the glue. After filling the glue, it can be heated and cured to increase the curing speed.

4. Adhesive A can be heated for about 1 hour. When the temperature reaches 60 to 80 degrees, it can effectively remove moisture and help speed up curing.

The rapid curing process of silicone potting glue is not conducive to the generation of bubbles. If you want to heat and solidify, it is best to perform vacuum treatment after injection, so that even if you heat and solidify, it will not easily generate bubbles. Currently, there are products on the market with better defoaming properties. Even small bubbles can be eliminated during the curing process. For example, TENSAN focuses on the research of potting adhesives and provides customized potting adhesive application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can Used in new energy, military industry, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

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