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TS6603 ,One component RTV adhesive


Introduction of TS6603       

TENSAN TS6603 is semi-flow RTV silicone with good waterproof function and sealing strength. It can be used for bonding metal, glass, ceramics etc. material.

And we own the following document for our TS6603

---REACH, ROHS certified

--- MSDS for air/sea shipment

The advantages of our TS 6603 are :

--- Fast curing

--- Non-corrosive to most Copper,

--- Polycarbonate plastics material

--- Excellent waterproof function

--- Excellent sealing performance

--- Good Performance for insulation   

Typical Applications

This material is widely applied in LED Industry for housing sealant and outdoor light for  sealant and waterproof.

--- Use for LED bulb&Tube&other indoor lights

--- Use for Street light,High bay &other outdoor lights

---Use for LED auto lights

Packing Information

1. Hard plastic tube 100 ml

100 tubes / carton 

2. Hard plastic tube 300 ml

24 tubes / carton 

3. Hard plastic tube 2600ml

  4 tubes / carton

4. Customized packing is acceptable

Storage and Validity

Keep away from children .

Stored  in a cool, ventilated, dry place.

Shelf life: 6 months

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