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How to apply thermal paste?

Thermal paste is also known as thermal grease. How can we apply thermal paste correctly? There are many tutorials on the Internet about the coating of thermal paste. Everyone has a different method of applying thermal paste. So today, I will share the correct method of using thermal paste.

When using thermal paste, pay attention to the amount of thermal paste. The amount of thermal paste should not only fill the gap, but also apply a layer of thermal paste between the buckle and the CPU. At this time, this layer of silicone grease is like a quilt. Change to the surface of the CPU, but it has the opposite effect. Therefore, the thermal paste should be applied as little as possible. Taking the surface of the CPU as an example, the size of a small piece of mung bean on the surface of the CPU has been more abundant.

Apply professional hanging parts or fingers to the surface of the CPU, apply it multiple times, and scrape the excess thermal paste. If the surface is coated with a thick layer of silicone grease, and you can't see the metal texture or text of the CPU, then the thermal paste you applied may be thick, causing the application to fail! The correct application method is to evenly scrape the thermal paste on the surface, you can clearly see the cpu metal texture and so on. Please note that the thermal paste fills the cavity instead of the lid.

Thermal paste has the following advantages:

1. The surface has a strong penetration ability, can be directly constructed by hand or screen printing / dispensing equipment.

2. Using very thin thickness, showing low thermal resistance between the two interfaces

3. It has excellent stable heat dissipation performance in the application range of -40 ℃ to + 150 ℃.

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