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You ever know where the adhesive can applied in ?


Adhesives application are  widely in all aspects , we mainly meet the common adhesive in daily life, but it is also used in many fields such as construction and industry.  Here are few common methods of adhesive application in industry:

1. Instant bonding: instant adhesive does not need to be heated and pressurized while use it. It has the characteristics of fast curing and high bonding strength. A 6.45 square centimeter adhesive surface bears enough tension to lift a car,this kind adhesive has greatly promoted the continuous production line.

2. Bonding of structural parts: bonding of structural parts refers to the bonding of objects that can withstand a long time load and large stress, such as the bonding of structural parts such as buildings, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, space vehicles, etc. . Increase the speed; at the same time make the surface of the bonding parts smooth and flat, which is conducive to navigation; it also has the performance of sealing and anti-corrosion.

3. Liquid sealing leakage: some adhesives are fluid at room temperature, coated on various connections or parts that need to be sealed, forming an elastic adhesive layer, which can replace the usual gasket and play a sealing role.

 4. Underwater bonding: manifested in the construction of dams or bridges, the shipbuilding industry and the national defense industry, it can connect prefabricated parts on land with components in water and underwater, thereby greatly simplifying the construction process and speeding up the construction progress .

 5. Oil surface bonding: The oil surface adhesive does not need to degrease the surface first, which simplifies the process and has good bonding strength.

 6. Hot-melt bonding: The hot-melt adhesive is a solid, which can be glued only after being heated and melted into a fluid. After the bond is cooled, it returns to a solid and forms a solid bonding part. Hot melt adhesives are formulated with thermoplastic polymers and tackifiers.

 7. High-temperature bonding and ultra-low temperature bonding: general adhesives can withstand temperatures below 100 ℃. Inorganic adhesives can withstand about 600 ℃, of which ceramic adhesives are the best, can withstand high temperatures of 1300 ℃: ultra-low temperature resistant adhesives can maintain high strength and toughness at -196 ℃, and even lower temperatures -269 ℃.

 8. Pressure-sensitive adhesive: This product is used for the pasting of commodity labels, the sealing of cartons, the bundling of wire harnesses, and the protection of the surface of high-gloss and clean metal plates.

  9. Medical bonding: Medical adhesive has become an indispensable new material in medical treatment. For example, it can play a good role in the adhesion of the kidney into the body, the joining of blood vessels, the anastomosis of wounds, esophagus or biliary tract, the bonding and repair of dentistry, and the connection of bones.

 The above points are the adhesive knowledge popularized by Tensna for everyone. If you want to have more knowledge about adhesive products, please pay attention to the official website

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