Exhibition information

Malaysia SIGN & LED 2020



Exhibition date:17th -19th July 2020

Venue:Putra World Trade Center

Exhibition scale: 240.000


Exhibition introduction

LED-LIGHT EXHIBITION is the largest exhibition in the Malaysian lighting industry, a high-profile industry event that has been recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade Development of Malaysia Logo. It has been successfully held for 30 sessions. The 2019 Malaysian LED lighting exhibition and advertising signs, rubber and plastic packaging exhibitions were held at the same time. A total of 615 companies participated in the exhibition area of more than 18,000 square meters. The exhibition received countries from Southeast Asia and the Middle East such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines More than 15,000 professional traders visited. The scale of the exhibition will be further expanded in 2020, and international exhibition groups such as South Korea, China, and Taiwan will continue to organize exhibitions.

Exhibition range

---Commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, home lighting, professional and industrial lighting (stage lights/tunnel lights/medical lighting/vehicle), environmental protection lighting, roads, workshops, backlighting, other lighting fixtures;

---LED lighting, LED display and application products, LED components/accessories and raw materials, LED manufacturing equipment/machinery and related products, LED drivers and power supplies, LED related products, etc.;

---Lighting equipment: LED, OLED, FEL, inorganic EL and other lighting equipment;

--- Lighting manufacturing: lighting accessories and parts, lighting raw materials, lighting equipment and related manufacturing equipment, lighting modules and other related equipment;

---Inspection/testing/testing/evaluation equipment, components and materials, optical parts, power supply, heat dissipation solutions.

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