Exhibition information

Ledtec Asia 2020


Ledtec Asia 2020 

Exhibition date : 3rd - 5th Oct ,2020

Venue:SECC – Saigon Exhibition & Convention Hall



Vietnam LED Lighting Exhibition is the only industry professional exhibition in Vietnam. It is expected to attract 300 companies from South Korea, China, Japan, Germany, France, the United States, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and 20,000 professional visitors will come to visit. This exhibition is the largest international exhibition on LED lighting products and technology in Vietnam. And received strong support from the Ministry of Renewable Energy, Vietnam Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Lighting Association, Korea Ministry of Commerce, Korea Lighting Association, etc. Participating in the Vietnam LED Lighting Exhibition in Vietnam allows you to get close to the market, explore and consolidate customers, and win market opportunities.

The 019 exhibition was as follows:

Exhibitors: 180 companies (from 15 countries)

Professional buyers: more than 10,000 person-times (from 23 countries)

Range of exhibition

---LED indoor lighting, LED car lights, LED landscape lights, LED display and backlight applications, LED advertising and logo solar energy, LED material devices and modules, LED industrial equipment exhibition area.

---LED semiconductor lighting and applications: LED lighting, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED backlights, LED automotive lights, solar LED applications, LED displays, LED application products, LED control systems.

---LED packages/modules: LED lights, nixie tubes, dot matrix LEDs, cluster LEDs, light-emitting diodes and high-power LEDs.

---LED components and materials: LED chips, epitaxial wafers, LED phosphors, silicones, substrates, etc.

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