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How to apply PV silicone in photovoltaic module ?


How to apply PV silicone in photovoltaic module ?

At present, all developed countries are working hard to develop photovoltaic power generation projects, the million roof plan in Europe, the photovoltaic building plan in the United States, and the sunny roof plan in Japan show the important for of photovoltaic power. The Chinese government has also issued a series of regulations such as the Renewable Energy Law. Further promote the technological progress and large-scale development of the photovoltaic power generation industry, and cultivate strategic emerging industries.

As one of the silicone manufacturer , What Shenzhen Tensan can offer for hotovoltaic power generation projects? Here we will take about the details application of solar silicone that use in hotovoltaic power generation projects

The main application areas are the bonding and sealing parts of solar photovoltaic module frames and backplane junction boxes. For this Tensan product is TS6601 and TS6602 .For another main application is potting of junction boxes, the solution from Tensan is TS6222 with black and white color .

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