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How can the operation extend the working life of the thermally conductive silicone pad?


How can the operation extend the working life of the thermally conductive silicone pad?


There are many types of materials and a wide range of applications. The thermally conductive silicone pad is a filler material with strong thermal conductivity that will not short circuit the circuit. It is a substance synthesized from silica gel and metal oxides. There are many on the market, which are generally used in electronics and medical equipment. Everyone also has a great demand for this substance. How do you generally use it? What is the working life of thermally conductive silicone pad?


How to use:

It has natural adhesion on both sides, so it is also very convenient to use. At the beginning of use, it is necessary to ensure that the two bonding places are clean. This is also to ensure the firmness of the thermally conductive silicone pad, which is bonded to other Things are the same, you can tear off the protective film and cover the heat source, so that it can be compacted and fit. Almost all such products use the same steps, which are quick and simple, and can be more convenient to use. At the same time, it can also be cut according to the need for bonding.


The working life of thermal conductive silicone pad:

Generally, it is more than 5 to 10 years. This is a big data, which needs to be averaged according to the actual situation. That is to say, if you can follow the above operation, there is a certain amount of shock absorption and noise prevention, and there are other normal care, it is no problem to reach 5-10 years. The working life of the thermally conductive silicone pad will also be different due to the manufacturer's production and the cause of wastage, so the working life will also change, and the working life will be different under such factors. Then there are other uncontrollable factors that will reduce its working life when it is put into use. So the important thing is proper care and proper operation, so that it can be carried out better, and the working life of the thermal conductive silicone sheet can be extended.


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