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What effect does the power supply silicone potting have on the power supply? Why does the power supply need potting?


What effect does the power supply silicone potting have on the power supply? Why does the power supply need potting?


The heat dissipation performance of air is generally worse than the heat dissipation performance of potting glue. If high-power components rely on air for heat dissipation, the heat cannot be conducted in time, and local high temperatures are easily formed, which may damage components and assemblies, which may affect the system reliability and normal working cycle. Therefore, it is very important to choose the power encapsulant carefully. You can use the silicone power encapsulant, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties and process performance, it is the first choice for the encapsulant base adhesive, although the silicone encapsulant itself Thermal conductivity is only 0.17W/m. K, but as long as the high thermal conductivity filler is added, the thermal conductivity can be improved. For example, the silicone encapsulant on the market has a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK after modification. The protection of electronic potting compound on electronic equipment, especially in the protection of high-voltage high-power components and assemblies, will play an increasingly important role.


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